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Jay Linden
10 May 1979
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Jay Linden

I'm Jay, and I live in the desert. Okay, there are mountains, and lakes, and not all that much sand, and there's snow and really great skiing in the winter, but that doesn't make it any less the desert. You're going to have to trust me on this one. I live in Western Canada, and I have a degree in theatre. I get paid to do other things, but what I really do is direct and/or do technical theatre, usually with high school kids. Getting paid to do other things means that I can actually ENJOY using my degree in my spare time, instead of getting paid to have to encourage well dressed children to lie on the ground and pretend to be a flower.

I write a lot of things, in a lot of places, with a lot of people, and most all of it is dirty. There is literally one story on my journal which I wrote independently, and everything else I've written has been with one of a flock of amazing cowriters. Some of what we write is slash, some is het, some is all girls, and some is just plain dirtybadwrong in one way or another. We try and warn appropriately for that.

I'm a fannish magpie, and I'm allergic to OTPing (not in a global sense, just for myself), with very few exceptions. I'm currently distracted by (in no particular order), Supernatural, Heroes, Firefly/Serenity/all things Joss, SGA, SG1, Saving Grace, Castle, Southland, Rome, The Mentalist, Chuck, Leverage, Bones, Criminal Minds, LOTRiPS, Sports Night, The West Wing, Studio 60, The O.C., White Collar, The Mentalist, Sherlock, NCIS L.A., Torchwood, Doctor Who, Hawaii Five-O, Southland, Star Trek Reboot. And RPS for pretty much all of the above. I'm pretty sure I've forgotten at least a half dozen.

In my journal, you will find things of a fannish nature, things of a pornish nature, things RL and work-related, things of a bitching nature, things of a discussing mental health nature, and mention of the AH, or Academic Husband, as well as my twin aliens--Thing One and Thing Two (or the Frog and the Monkey), and two cats--Fubar, and Tarfun. Also crocheting, and the occasional rant. You stand warned.

I've never needed a friending policy before now, but hey. Why not. Comment, don't comment, friend, don't friend, whatever you please. If you have an understanding of basic human courtesy and politeness, c'mon in. If not... well, I'll probably still give you a try. I'm Canadian... we're nice that way.

My fanfic can be found here: faviconjay_linden

I am also playing:

My retired pups are:

in the roleplaying game:

in the roleplaying game Haven

in the roleplaying game Paper Metropolis

in the roleplaying game The Chill

in the roleplaying game Misfit Toys

From vampiric_claims I have been claimed by Penn from Angel the Series, Vamp!Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Deacon Frost from Blade.

My other journals can be found here:
jay_linden@journalfen (My primary home base apart from lj)
jay_bean@livejournal (RL-mostly alien and work related)
jay_bean@journalfen (Same thing, but on JF instead of LJ)
linden_jay@journalfen (My fic journal for all cowritten LOTRiPS I’ve done with darknightjess)

jay_linden@dreamwidth (Emergency Backup Journal #1 )
jay_linden@InsaneJournal (Emergency backup journal #2)

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